Friday, August 1, 2008

Where do you find state background check information?

Have you tried to use Google to do a state background check on someone? You’ve probably found that you just can’t get the information you need. Other search engines are not sufficient for your purposes, either. The best way to find information about someone is to do a state background check online using a service designed specifically to find information about people. It’s fast and convenient.

The unfortunate fact is that with hundreds, if not thousands, of state background check services to choose from, you may find that you are spending more money than you expected to get the best service. Every search service costs you more money, and you still don’t know if the person you’re investigating is a good person or a bad person. It can be a real challenge to find the right.

But have no fear, we at State Background Check have gone to extraordinary measures to check these services out, and have decided once and for all which online services give accurate results, are simple to use, and quickly get you the exact information you need.

How Do We Evaluate State Background Check Services

We use a simple technique to evaluate each service. Our staff members and other individual volunteers gave us their permission to look them up and check out the background information available online about them.

If you guessed that it was easy to verify whether or not we found accurate information on these services, you would be right. We were also able to see how much informat
ion the different state background check sites had available to provide to users.

You must be wondering if we conducted searches on people who were not so well known to us. You know, infamous criminals with well known backgrounds, just not know personally by us! Using recent newspaper reports, we compiled criminal lists to make sure that the services we checked provided up to date and accurate information. Using this information it is a snap to so which provides keep their databases updated on a regular basis, and which do not.

Our Unbelievable Discovery

No surprise, here. Most services tested just didn’t provide us with the high level of detailed information that their service promised.

What we found most of the time was little more than the name we provided it with, plus an address that was outdated or incorrect, most of the time.

Claims of full employment history: BOGUS.
Claims of criminal records: BOGUS.
Claims of credit history: BOGUS.

Sadly, when all was said and done, the local phone book would have provided us with the same information, at no cost.

While most services did not make the grade, we were able to find a few that really stood up to take notice. These sites gave us nearly 100% of what we were looking for: email, phone, work and home address, criminal records, history of residences, employment history.

Are you serious about tracking down the most important information about someone, and fast? Then the companies you need to use are Net Detectives, or Reverse Records. If you need a state background check that is thorough and fast then this is the place to find that state background check!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Welcome To State Background Check

State background check is a new blog dedicated to your security. We seek to provide information useful to companies and individuals hiring new employees. By running a state background check you can be comfortable knowing that you have not hired someone who may harm you, your customers, your employees, or you family. Please return to learn more about state background check information, often.